Manifold Desk Lamp #404

A double headed desk lamp re-imagined from a race-used manifold section from a Ferrari engine and 2 x carbon fibre fuel inlet bodies as used by the Marussia F1™ race team during the 2014-15 seasons.

Made from Inconel, an austenitic nickel-chromium based superalloy. Featuring remnants of the heat shield wrapping and almost iridescent colouration to the Inconel surface. The ribbed section acts like a spring so there is slight movement at this point.

Carbon fibre fuel inlet body dimensions: 14cm x 20cm

Specially designed adapter plates hold solid brass goosenecks with E27 lampholders and a stainless steel LED illuminated push button switch.

Mounted on a heavy industrial cog base salvaged from local industry.

Supplied wired with mottled grey fabric covered cable, further in-line switch and UK plug.

This lamp also includes two of our squirrel cage LED filament light bulbs.